Coriander is an herb that is used around the world. It is an annual plant that is grown from seeds and has delicate leaves and small white flowers.

The seeds of the coriander plant are also used as a spice, and have a slightly sweet and citrusy flavor that is often used in Indian, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cooking.

The leaves of the coriander plant have a more pungent flavor, and are commonly used in Mexican, Thai, and Vietnamese dishes.

Coriander is also known for its medicinal properties, and has been used for centuries to help with digestion, lower cholesterol, and reduce inflammation.

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  • Herb: Cilantro, Mexican Coriander


    Coriander grows wild over a wide area of Western Asia and southern Europe. It was brought to the British colonies in North America in 1670, and was one of the first spices cultivated by early settlers.

    The ground seeds are the spice we know as Coriander.

    The leaves from Coriander are called “Cilantro” in North America.

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