Blue Gold Berries in Harvest, Seeds Available Soon!

The Blue Gold Berries cherry tomatoes have been coming ripe over the last couple of weeks, and we are now in full seed-harvesting mode on these babies, with several pints per plant developing. Once dried, cured and tested, these seeds will be listed both on our Facebook Shop page at and here on our Painted Desert Seed Company website store, beginning in late January or early February.

We’ll be turning around and planting about 150 starts from these plants, just in time for Southern Arizona, in the first week of February.
We’ll have these starts available for spring, beginning around Valentine’s Day and continuing until sold, at $5.00 apiece. Phoenix area only. These tomatoes are very juicy, savory without being sweet, and with a powerful, tangy zing to them. They would be absolutely perfect for salsa, relish and on tacos or pizza.

They make for great snacking all by themselves, and our harvest has been in danger a couple of times because these berries always seem to disappear within a few feet of the bush and never make it into the house! 😀

They have already survived at least three freezes before harvesting, so these berries are also a lot hardier than the average tomato, especially considering they also survived a 120-degree spell for nearly a week in June. You won’t find a tougher, more beautiful or more intensely flavorful cherry tomato anywhere.